So if you are probably looking at this site you know what aquaponics is but if you don’t it is a symbiotic relationship  between fish and plants. The fish poop and the water is put into the plants and the plants use the fish waste as fertilizer while filtering the water for the fish. This cycle grows plants 3 times faster. Aquaponics is a proven way of farming and is truly the future.

          Now that we are done with the basics lets decide what kind of aquaponic setup is best for you. there are two kinds that I like the best the first one is the raft. I like this because it is super easy to set up how I would do it would be you have the fish on the bottom and you put a cage between the fish and the roots this will work if the water level is above the cage. Now for the downside,the waste will never get to the plants witch means the plants don’t get as much nutrients. There are other ways of doing this  raft system but those systems defeat the purpose of how cheap the system is. The next one is the best one it is called the vertical system. This is a very expensive system and is vertical. I will put a link in the system for more information in an awesome video,New wave aquaponics approved!!!!!

This is the best DIY system ever highly recommended.