What Kind of Plants Should You Grow

This is a simple question what kind of plants should be grown the answer is leafy vegetables. This is a good way to start so grow lettuce spinach things like that. If you got your system down pat then grow strawberries and tomatoes. This my opinion it is based off of many different videos and information.


The Real Truth About Tilapia

When you search up tilapia it is all these articles that say don’t eat caged tilapia. It is actually the opposite you should always get caged tilapia over wild caught. Why? would you rather get a chicken that was shot by a hunter or a farm grown one? A farm grown one right and you would choose it because you know what it ate right? Same thing with tilapia  you would like to know what it is being fed and I can guarantee you they are being fed a well rounded diet or at least a better diet than they would be fed in the wild. That is all for this post leave your thoughts in the comments and for more in formation visit Lake Way.